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Winter a Great Time to Plan Your Summer Float Trip

February 27, 2013
A relaxing day on the Eleven Point River (photo courtesy Nolan Brunnworth)

A relaxing day on the Eleven Point River (photo courtesy Nolan Brunnworth)

For many outdoor enthusiasts, last summer was rough. Hot temperatures and very little rainfall kept many of us indoors.

And while most of the winter season has been mild, the past couple of weeks have been a reminder that “old man winter” is not quite over. So if you find yourself trapped indoors again, take advantage of the opportunity to research and plan your next float trip.

How long has it been since you had a “girls getaway,” a “mens retreat” or just connected with your kids the old-fashioned way – without cell phones, video games, or texting?  We’ve all said, “We really need to do that,” but time ticks by, and before we know it, we’ve lost another chance.

Make this year different. Make it happen!

Everyone asks me, “Where’s the best place to go?” or “What’s the best river to float?” The answer is: it depends.

We have our favorite spots because the location suits our needs. The ideal location for a girls weekend may not be the same location for a family getaway or for a weekend of trout fishing. Once you decide on who’s going, you will be able to search for the amenities you need. Driving distance and expense also are a factor in your decision.

For more information on floating in Missouri, visit .

Floating on the Jacks Fork River (photo courtesy Nolan Brunnworth)

Floating on the Jacks Fork River (photo courtesy Nolan Brunnworth)

Most outfitters have canoes, rafts, kayaks and tubes. But did you know that many outfitters also offer lodging and camping? Some outfitters even offer horseback riding, ziplines and restaurants. So whether you have a day, a weekend, or an entire week, make your plans now to get your smile on!

The Missouri Canoe and Floaters Association works with many state agencies to “Promote, Protect and Preserve the Steams of Missouri.” Outfitters participating in the MDC’s Stash Your Trash program will provide mesh trash bags to floaters and will properly dispose of all litter. If interested in learning more about the Missouri Stream Team, visit

Have fun, be safe and we’ll see you on the river!

Written by Michelle Lambeth, executive director of the Missouri Canoe and Floaters Association.

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