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Christmas Traditions in Cape Girardeau

December 10, 2012

With such unseasonably warm temperatures, can you believe Christmas is now less than three weeks away? For many of us, Christmas conjures up the fondest of memories.  Tradition is a word that is intricately woven within its very fabric.

Hutson's Furniture Store window in Cape Girardeau. Photo by Serrator.

Hutson’s Fine Furniture Store window in Cape Girardeau. Photo by Serrator.

Every community has its own Christmas traditions. Ask about Christmas memories in Cape Girardeau and the Hutson’s Fine Furniture Store display is sure to come up in conversation. For decades, families have piled into their cars and driven to this beautifully decorated storefront in our historic downtown district.

Wide eyes have peered through and little noses have pressed against the store’s windows over the years to relish whatever bit of holiday magic the Hutson family brought to life for that particular year.

Another of our local Christmas traditions is the Holiday of Lights Display that lines the drive that circles the grounds of Cape County North Park. From simple to elaborate, from secular to religious, displays are placed by individuals, businesses, corporations, and non-profits. Each evening from Thanksgiving through Christmas, thousands of cars packed with families and friends drive through the park to enjoy these bright and beautiful displays.

Another of our wonderful traditions occurs each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. That’s the first day Meier Horseshoe Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Jackson is open. We always arrive early, in order to pick the “perfect” tree. We’ve ridden in their horse-drawn wagons to pick out our tree for some 20 years now.  Once we’ve cut and bundled our tree, we purchase a new Christmas ornament and enjoy some hot apple cider before heading home to decorate the tree.

Across our great state, there are wonderful Christmas traditions that are once again being dusted off, relived and celebrated. There are memories to create and stories to share. Enjoy those magical moments!

Written by Chuck Martin, executive director of the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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