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November 22, 2012

This image shows Momo walking near the Mississippi River in northeast Missouri.

Pike County resident Andrew Stephens has contacted the staff here at VisitMO regarding another brush with the Missouri Momo monster.

This time, Stephens was prepared.

Stephens says he was quail hunting in a field near the site of the VisitMO team’s previous encounter with Momo (which was captured in a two-part video; for Part I, click here; for Part II, click here) when he saw the creature. Luckily, Stephens was packing a custom-made dart gun and was able to safely shoot Momo.

“He’s so furry and thick-skinned, I don’t even think he felt it,” Stephens says.

That dart is equipped with a radio device that can be tracked using what Stephens called a “flux capacitor.” It appears he’s a big fan of 1980s movies and apparently, unaware of copyright laws. We told him it’s best to call his invention the Momo Tracker.

Stephens said he’ll keep us posted on Momo’s whereabouts as often as possible. He said the Momo Tracker helped him capture the above image of the creature, which is shown walking near the Mississippi River in northeast Missouri. That was the last time Stephens saw Momo.

Future tracking efforts may prove difficult, as the small battery in the device has limited power – just enough to activate once per day. As it weakens, pinning Momo’s precise location will be difficult. Stephens says he hopes to know Momo’s whereabouts to within several hundred yards.

We asked if it was, indeed, difficult to track Momo with the Momo Tracker. Stephens quickly changed the subject to the Twinkie shortage in his area.

We’ll work to keep you updated on Momo’s movements for as long as Momo Tracker holds out. Stay tuned to our VisitMO Twitter feed and the VisitMO family of Twitter accounts. We’ll be using the hashtag MomoTracker (that’s #MomoTracker) to keep you posted.

Please note, the Missouri Division of Tourism does not endorse or encourage of the use of customized dart guns, making your own tracking devices, or trying to encounter beasts of unknown origin.

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