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MO Football

September 16, 2010

As the leaves begin to change color and the temperature gets cooler, one thing comes to mind: Football season is here.  And when I say football, I don’t mean soccer, I’m talking about real American football with helmets, tackling and touchdowns. From recreational to professional levels, football brings both unity and competition for Missourians.

Throughout Missouri, the sport of football is taken very seriously. For many of the towns and cities, football is a major source of entertainment and pride.  Communities of family and friends come out to support and cheer on their favorite team. Often times, many miles are traveled to experience the game live.  Missouri’s professional teams, the St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs, have a strong fan base with thousands turning out for tailgating and enjoying the game. As seen from this week’s past games, Missourians value the sport of football and therefore remain very loyal and spirited.

Game day is no joke. Fans rearrange their schedules, get decked out in team colors, paint their faces and, of course, tailgate. From sweets to meats, football season brings out some of the best food and drinks in Missouri, whether you’re the brew-and-brats type or a wine-and-cheese connoisseur. As for food, the Missouri Beef Industry Council provides a list of enticing tailgate recipes online sure to satisfy any guest at your tailgate.

So get ready to get your game, and your eat, on in Missouri; football season is here!

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