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Ballgame or washout?

April 30, 2010

Got tickets to see the Cardinals tonight. Think the game will go on as planned?

I am not overly optimistic Mother Nature will spare Busch Stadium from the rainfall. That’s ok. A rainy night at the park is still a night at the park. Plus, they don’t stop selling food just because it’s raining.

I have fond memories of going to Cardinals games growing up. Mom and dad would load us up in the car (often my brother and I; once he was older, usually me and a friend) and we’d make the trek down to St. Louis. It was always fun. Small-town folks driving in STL around rush hour; yeah — that’s a hoot.

It’s hard to pick a favorite Cardinals-related memory. One that sticks with me for kind of bad reasons revolves around a playoff game in 1996. I was a college sophomore. It was the Cards. vs. Braves. A couple of friends and I made the drive from Fayette, Mo., to STL for the game.

We sat up high. But the Cards won and were one win from the World Series. The atmosphere was electric during the game. Brian Jordan hit a game-winning home run in the bottom of the eighth. When the game ended, he stood near the dugout and raised his arms toward the crowd, which was in a frenzy.

After the game, strangers were high-fiving one another walking down the concourse; yelling, screaming “We’re going to the World Series” and the like. It was a great night, to be sure.

Sad to say, the Braves won the next three in crushing fashion, blasting the Cardinals by a combined 32-1 margin. Ugh.

Obviously, there will be no playoff-type atmosphere tonight; it’s only April. But that’s OK. It’s still St. Louis, it’s still a night at the ballpark and they’re still my Cardinals.

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