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I pick, you pick, we all pick at you-pick farms

April 7, 2010

Peer pressure, it really is a good thing, at least at my age! My friends, who have kids, kept going on and on about this great little you-pick farm in Jamestown, Mo., and how I just had to take my son. I admit it, I gave into the peer pressure and took him, completely unsure of what I was getting myself into. Now, we are addicted.

The day we were going to pick blueberries we dressed in our “play clothes,” packed sun block and bug spray, some water and juice boxes and buckets and were off to locate this you-pick farm.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but was pleased when we arrived. I guess I was expecting a lot of bushes in a small space and people trampling each other to get to the berries. I was so wrong. The field was large, the bushes spaced out and the entire place was very well maintained. There were several other families there, but with the large field we barely saw them when we started picking.

I had heard of people going to pick their own fruits and vegetables but thought it sounded like a lot of work when I could just go to the grocery store and buy them without breaking a sweat. Really, does picking them yourself make them taste that much better? Yes, it does make them taste better, and seeing the environment in which they were also makes them that much better.

My son had a great time — he was just a little blue — and he was very excited to get home and eat the blueberries we had picked. My friend gave me some tips on freezing them and we have been able to enjoy them all winter long.

This is the one time I was happy to have given in to peer pressure, and my son and I look forward to expanding our picking horizons this spring and summer.

Missouri has many great you pick farms around the state, each offering a variety of fresh pickings. To find a you-pick farm or farmer’s market near yo

u, click here, or visit the AgriMissouri Web site,

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