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A whirlwind tour of St. Louis.

June 10, 2009

So many places to go and I wasn’t sure I could get to them all, which I didn’t, but I hit quite a few. I started off at the Augusta A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles. It was Friday and kids most of the schools were still in session, so kids were not as abundant as usual. The place is huge; tons of lakes to fish and a few that are large enough for boats. They also have a kid only fishing lake. I found some “models” to photograph, a father and his two kids. Dad helped put bait on the hook but the kids did the rest.

My next stop was the Missouri Museum of Transportation. Lots of trains, some of which you could climb in and look around. There was a miniature train that you could ride, a creativity area for the kids, and an automobile museum. Although there were several school groups, adults were having just as much fun viewing the history and remembering their childhoods.
Not too far away is the Magic House — they have doubled their size, I believe it is now 50,000 square feet. There is a beanstalk to climb, mysteries to investigate, problems to solve, plants to grow, and a moat to play in.
By this time I was quite hungry, so on to Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, a small but very popular brewery. I went on the short but entertaining tour. No, I did not have beer for dinner but I did have a wonderful Bottleworks Curry dish. I also had a side of Smoked Gouda Gratin. I really wanted dessert but was stuffed.
My last stop of the night was the 3rd Degree Glass factory. Every third Friday is Third Friday Open House. Demonstrations were everywhere glass bead making, glass fusion and glass blowing. You can also stroll through the gallery, listen to the band and drink some refreshments.

Day two

Got up early to try get that perfect arch sunrise photo but, alas, it was cloudy so on to the Soulard Market. I got there a little early, but all of the vendors were setting up and it looked beautiful. Onion, tomatoes and green beans, oh my! One of the vendors was 94 years old, I didn’t get a chance to ask him how long he had been coming to the market.
In the afternoon was a Cardinals game, my first one. After the game I went over to the City Museum. I love this place. It is like being inside someone’s imagination. It changes every time you go! This time I went in the aquarium and was able to pet a stingray. I decided against having calluses eaten off my hand by a school of fish, though! I was there a long time and I still didn’t see everything. I did get a new snowflake book. Make sure to visit the snowflake lady she will tell you a story while you cut out your fancy snowflake. Again, I was hungry and decided on the old Spaghetti Factory on Lacleade’s Landing. By the time I returned to my hotel I was so sleepy I think I fell asleep in 2 minutes.

Day three

Off to the St. Louis Zoo to see the exotic animals and stingray. I love this zoo because it is easy to get around. I took the train around for the first time. Great for the kids when they are tired of walking but MUST SEE the penguins! Lots of people in line waiting to see the lovable stingray. It was a cool morning so all the animals were out and about.
Next was the Cherokee Lemp Historic District with tons of antiques, a few restaurants and a saxophone museum. Ate lunch at the Shangri-La Diner, gotta love the funky decorations. I had just missed the Sunday Buffet of vegetarian dishes but still had a great veggie burger. After lunch I stopped into Cranky Yellow, City art supply and met Smudge at All Along the Press. All Along the Press is a community art space that you can learn about letterpress, silk-screening and book arts.

It was a great weekend that barely touched all the out of the ordinary things to do in St. Louis.

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